Comprehensive Document and Communication Security with ByteUnited

In today's digital world, maintaining high security standards without sacrificing convenience is a crucial challenge for businesses. ByteUnited addresses this challenge through an advanced security protocol that encompasses both document security and secure communications.

Robust Encryption Techniques

ByteUnited utilizes a sophisticated multi-layered encryption strategy to protect sensitive data:

  1. Individual Key Encryption System: Each project is secured on the cloud with its own unique key, providing an exceptional level of protection. Even if a server breach occurs, the data remains inaccessible to hackers.
  2. Encrypted Communication Channels: All data transfers between servers and local computers are encrypted, preventing any possibility of interception during transmission.
  3. Encrypted Local Workspaces: To further secure data against physical theft or loss, ByteUnited encrypts local workspaces. This ensures that even if a device is compromised, the data it contains is protected. Users or their IT departments can manage the encryption keys, adding an additional layer of control and security.
  4. Cross-Project Search Security: Documents in every project are indexed across all versions and branches within a separate database. This system includes a filter that checks access rights for each search request, ensuring that searches are secure and compliant with user permissions.

Enhanced Communication Security Features

ByteUnited also extends its encryption capabilities to its communication tools, facilitating safe and private interactions:

  1. Encrypted Video and Chat Protocols: All communications via video conferencing and chat are protected with strong encryption protocols, safeguarding the confidentiality of information exchanged.
  2. Storage of Communication Logs: For teams that need access to past communications, ByteUnited stores these logs in an encrypted project repository on the cloud. This approach not only secures the logs from unauthorized access but also ensures they are conveniently available for audit or review.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Communication: For small teams, ByteUnited supports encrypted peer-to-peer connections for video and audio communications, eliminating the need for a server. This setup reduces potential vulnerabilities, enhances speed, and ensures end-to-end security of the communication.

AI and Information Security

To prevent AI from disclosing secured information, ByteUnited has implemented a segmented knowledge base system divided into three parts:

  1. Common Knowledge Base: Contains unclassified, non-sensitive information accessible to all users.
  2. Corporate Knowledge Base: Accessible only to corporate staff, this contains information relevant to internal operations and business strategies.
  3. Project-Specific Knowledge Base: Contains sensitive project-related data, accessible only to users with specific rights to that project. The AI system can combine information from these databases depending on the user's access rights, ensuring that sensitive information is tightly controlled and disclosed only when appropriate.

Web Application Security

Addressing security leaks in traditional web pages, ByteUnited employs a single-page application (SPA) model. Traditional web applications often face security risks associated with web browser page hashing. ByteUnited's SPA avoids these risks by dynamically creating page content via JavaScript in the browser itself, circumventing the use of browser hash and reducing the vulnerability to certain types of web-based attacks. Furthermore, some cloud providers offer plugins that allow files to be edited using locally installed applications. However, these files are downloaded into a temporary, unencrypted folder, over which users have no control. This could result in potential data leaks as cleanup of temporary files is not guaranteed. ByteUnited mitigates this risk by avoiding such practices, ensuring better control over data integrity. Additionally, ByteUnited uses the locally installed application, DocImpress, which handles documents in an encrypted workspace and allows for the use of locally installed applications like Microsoft Office, further securing data from leaks.

Security in Case of Device Loss

Unlike conventional security measures such as Dropbox’s “Remote Wipe,” which requires internet connectivity to function, ByteUnited's local encryption continues to protect data even when devices are offline. This means unauthorized users cannot access or copy sensitive data from a lost or stolen device, providing a significant security advantage.