NEVER-LOST technology

  • ByteUnited Office stores all versions of any document forever
  • Document storage functionality is organized in such way that no document can be deleted
  • ByteUnited technology could form the basis for implementing digital archives

According to policies of some government organizations such as IRS, FDIC and so on, some documents should be kept for the very long time (6 to 8 years). Such documents as Deeds or Auditor's reports should be kept forever. ByteUnited Office may be very useful for the different government agencies as well as for medical and legal offices:

Compare with:

In terms of the document storage duration, ByteUnited Office has significant advantages over such applications as Box and DropBox as both of them store previous versions of document for a limited period of time.

alt=ByteUnited Office's NEVER-LOST technology, highlighting its revolutionary document storage system. This technology ensures the perpetual preservation of every document version, preventing any document from being deleted.

alt=Overview of a project-based organization system highlighting repository and database functions for comprehensive project management, contrasting with platforms like DropBox and Box's focus on individual file development.

Organization Based on Projects

Data and documents related to a common case are stored in a project. There are two equally important parts, that make up a project:

  • repository, which is made up of a folder and various subfolders, where different files that represent various documents are located
  • database, where different information regarding various documents is stored

Repository is needed to collect all versions of all files that made up a project.

Database gives an opportunity:

  • to consider time as an additional element of the project
  • to organize hierarchical user management
  • to organize project management such as JIRA
  • to run document approval process

Compare with:

DropBox and Box control only development of a single file and do not group set of files into project.

Storage sites

ByteUnited Office uses cloud to store customer's data. In case if company decided to store its documents on their own server, ByteUnited provides installation and support of server software.

The implementation of a data storage model that creates a mirror of a repository on a local workspace significantly reduces server workload. As a result, ByteUnited solutions will become more scalable.

Compare with:

Box, DropBox uses only cloud and may not install their software on the customer's site.

alt=ByteUnited Office offers flexible data storage solutions, utilizing cloud storage or enabling on-site server installation for companies seeking local document management, enhancing scalability.

alt=ByteUnited enhances data security with three-tier encryption: unique key for each project for unmatched cloud protection, encrypted server-client communications, and secured local workspaces, outperforming traditional 'Remote wipe' functions with offline protection against data theft.

Security without Compromising Convenience

Strong encryption is used to prevent unauthorized access to the project. There are many methods of key management that could be used to prevent from breaching data.

ByteUnited is using three levels of encryption:

  • individual key encryption system to achieve the highest level of protection on cloud. Each project is encrypted by its own unique key. The level of protection on the cloud does not allow hackers, who infiltrate the server, to steal data
  • encrypted communication channels between servers and local computer
  • encrypted workspace on local computer

Repository mirror called workspace is created on the local computer. The workspace should be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access if computer is lost or stolen. Encryption keys can be managed by the user or the IT department of the company.

User who has lost access to project does not have ability to work with the project data on the local computer.

Compare with:

Dropbox uses a "Remote wipe" function to clear files from lost or stolen devices. A connection to the internet is required for this function to work. Sensitive data can be copied while the device is offline.

All-in-one desktop and WEB application

ByteUnited offers for the desktop an all-in-one application DocImpress that allows user to:

  • manage workspace on local computer
  • integrate with many different applications
  • view project or document history by time and author

A user can create a workspace for any accessible project. It is possible use more than one workspace for a single project. Access to these workspaces and data manipulation are managed by the DocImpress. DocImpress also checks workspace integrity, restore workspace, and removes junk and temporary files.

DocImpress allows user to use preferred editing tools and any desktop applications.

ByteUnited Office also has online tool that shows submission history, authors, and changes of an entire project. In addition it shows a preview of the document and allows user to open the document in Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace online. There is a desktop and mobile version of this tool.

Compare with:

In Box and DropBox files and subfolders are placed in a dedicated folder on a local computer. This folder is synced with the cloud automatically.

alt=ByteUnited's DocImpress is an all-in-one desktop application enhancing workspace management, integrating with various apps, and offering detailed project or document history views. It supports multiple workspaces per project, ensures workspace integrity, and allows for seamless use of preferred editing tools.

alt=DocImpress gives users full sync control between devices and workspaces, with options to submit changes or update workspaces. It notifies users of updates, allowing them to choose when to sync, avoiding automatic decisions and data loss. Submissions, which require comments, can include multiple files for a complete workspace snapshot.

Complete control over synchronization

DocImpress allows users to control all sync operations between multiple computers and workspaces. Submit changes and update workspace are two basic DocImpress operations.

All users that work on one project are notified as soon as changes are made. Every user makes a decision as to whether to update the project immediately or continue working with the current version. There is no automatic decision on sync that could result in data loss.

After working on documents users should submit changes with mandatory comments. One submission could contain several files. The submission creates a snapshot of the workspace.

Compare with:

In Box and DropBox syncing files take place automatically after changes. The sync started immediately after a single file was changed. As a result, only one file could be synced at a time. Thus, many sync events are created, making it difficult to track changes. Automatic sync does not give a chance to write comments on particular changes. To add comments user of Box and DropBox should annotate files.

Entire history tracking

History of changes by project, or file, or author is tracked using ByteUnited Office powerful tool that is available in all-in-one desktop application. as well as WEB application. This tool allows user to open any version of a file and show changes. between two particular versions. It could be used to restore a file. or workspace to any version.

Compare with:

In Box and DropBox only a history of single file could be tracked. The show changes functionality is not available.

alt=ByteUnited Office tracks the entire history of projects, files, or authors through its desktop and WEB applications, allowing users to access any file version and visualize changes between versions.

alt=ByteUnited Office features a unique annotation tool that enables users to inspect file history down to individual document lines. This tool facilitates tracking changes and authors, allowing comparisons between any two file versions for a comprehensive understanding of document evolution.

Unique annotation tool

ByteUnited Office has an annotation tool. as another approach to inspecting file history. Annotation allows user to track changes and authors down to the single line of a document. User can see the differences between any two versions of a file.

Compare with:

No analogues found in Box and DropBox

Artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, so ByteUnited Office will have to adapt. AI could be the heart of a search engine that has access to the entire history of a company's documents. The NEVER-LOST technology in ByteUnited Office allows data analysis to be performed even on obsolete or deleted documents. It could be useful for finding forgotten documents or parts of documents. Using the company's knowledge base, AI could help create a new document.

Exporting anonymized portions of medical records could help create a huge medical knowledge base. Artificial intelligence may be able to make use of this data, which could be helpful to doctors in their daily routines.

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No analogues found

alt=ByteUnited Office integrates AI for advanced data analysis, accessing a company's entire document history, even obsolete or deleted files. This AI-driven search engine can uncover forgotten documents and assist in creating new ones using the company's knowledge base, potentially revolutionizing medical record analysis and aiding doctors.

alt=ByteUnited Office enhances private communication and collaboration with a secure messaging service, including chat and video conferencing, exclusively for team members. This spam-free, secure alternative to traditional email and collaboration tools is fully integrated into ByteUnited Office, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

Private communication and collaboration

ByteUnited Office has a communication service that gives users a possibility to collaborate with secure messages, chat and video conference visible only to team members. This service is free of spam and much more secure than regular email or other collaboration solutions. All communications intergated into ByteUnited Office functionality without using third party tools.

Compare with:

Box has a limited messaging functionality and integration with third party tools.