alt=ByteUnited collaboration model allows team members to manually update their workspace, supporting offline work. It integrates updates and changes before submissions, ensuring team awareness through notifications. Features include an annotation tool for change history and a search tool for tracking changes by comments, authors, or context. This fosters discussions and enhances document management within the team.

The concept of collaboration in the application DocImpress is based on the following principles

  • Workspace is not automatically updated on the computers of all team members. Instead each team member updates workspace on own computer when considers it necessary. Until then, work that is based on the last snapshot of the workspace, can continue even if the computer is offline.
  • Before submitting current changes team member should update local workspace. It will merge the result of work of other team members into user workspace.
  • After submitting changes by any user all other team members get notifications about this event. They can read comments, see changed files and explore changes, made by every submit.
  • The annotation tool allows users to view the history of all changes made at any file.
  • Team member can create discussion thread about any submit. It will be saved in event log.
  • Search tool makes possible to find changes in the file by comments, authors or context phrase, even if this phrase does not appear in the latest version of the file.

ByteUnited Office for business

alt=ByteUnited Office enhances partner collaboration through 'branch technology', allowing secure file and message exchange. It features document template sets, branch-specific document adjustments without affecting main templates, and controlled access rights. Document revisions are tracked until final approval, with template updates seamlessly integrated into partner documents, ensuring a traceable document history and streamlined collaboration.

Any business entity needs to establish collaboration with partners. Such collaboration includes secure file and message exchange.

ByteUnited Office allows to solve the problem of collaboration between partners based on principles of "branch technology":

  • The company creates a set of templates for the documents, which this company usually exchanges with its partners.
  • After creating a branch for particular partner some set of documents should be assigned to this branch.
  • All adjustments made to the documents affect only documents in this branch and keep intact the main set of templates.
  • Access rights, assigned to a particular partner, apply only to this branch and do not allow this partner to make changes to the main set of documents.
  • Each document may have any number of revisions before final approval by the company and particular partner. No new revisions are possible after final approval.
  • Templates of the documents could also have revisions due to changing conditions of business.
  • Changes made to the templates could be merged into partner's documents.

Strict and consistent adherence to these principles creates the basis for an easily traceable document history.