ByteUnited technology will streamline your document handling, ensuring data security

ByteUnited Office is a multifunctional desktop and WEB application and cloud service to store and organize your documents. You can share documents, organize chat and video conference with your friends and coworkers and collaborate more effectively.

Why choose ByteUnited Office

NEVER-LOST technology
  • Unlimited document version history with digital archives technology.
  • no anonymous editing is allowed without a record
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Security without Compromising Convenience

Storage sites

Organization Based on Projects
  • Data and documents related to a common case orginized in hierarhy and stored as a project.
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All-in-one desktop application

Complete control over synchronization
  • Data synchronization between multiple computers and workspaces under explicit user control
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Entire history tracking
  • Controled access to complete history of document revisions
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Unique annotation tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis
  • AI improves document search and content creation by understanding document evolution history.
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Private communication and collaboration
  • Secure chat, collaborative editing and video conference and between team members
  • Each collaborator’s work could be recorded in history log
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Web-based Office
  • Access to documents and version history through a web browser
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