ByteUnited technology will streamline your document handling, ensuring data security

ByteUnited Office amalgamates Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management (PM) technologies into a unified platform. This integration facilitates streamlined document handling, secure data management, and enhances collaborative workflows, offering a comprehensive solution for modern digital workplaces.

Why choose ByteUnited Office,

NEVER-LOST technology
  • Unlimited document version history with digital archives technology.
  • no anonymous editing is allowed without a record
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alt=ByteUnited Office's NEVER-LOST technology, highlighting its revolutionary document storage system. This technology ensures the perpetual preservation of every document version, preventing any document from being deleted.

alt=ByteUnited enhances data security with three-tier encryption: unique key for each project for unmatched cloud protection, encrypted server-client communications, and secured local workspaces, outperforming traditional 'Remote wipe' functions with offline protection against data theft.
Security without Compromising Convenience

All-in-one desktop and WEB application
alt=ByteUnited's DocImpress is an all-in-one desktop application enhancing workspace management, integrating with various apps, and offering detailed project or document history views. It supports multiple workspaces per project, ensures workspace integrity, and allows for seamless use of preferred editing tools.

alt=Overview of a project-based organization system highlighting repository and database functions for comprehensive project management, contrasting with platforms like DropBox and Box's focus on individual file development.
Organization Based on Projects
  • Data and documents related to a common case are organized in a hierarchy and stored as a project, which facilitates the management and support of a package of documents
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Storage sites
alt=ByteUnited Office offers flexible data storage solutions, utilizing cloud storage or enabling on-site server installation for companies seeking local document management, enhancing scalability.

alt=DocImpress gives users full sync control between devices and workspaces, with options to submit changes or update workspaces. It notifies users of updates, allowing them to choose when to sync, avoiding automatic decisions and data loss. Submissions, which require comments, can include multiple files for a complete workspace snapshot.
Complete control over synchronization
  • Data synchronization between multiple computers and workspaces under explicit user control
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Entire history tracking
  • Controled access to complete history of document revisions
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alt=ByteUnited Office tracks the entire history of projects, files, or authors through its desktop and WEB applications, allowing users to access any file version and visualize changes between versions.

alt=ByteUnited Office features a unique annotation tool that enables users to inspect file history down to individual document lines. This tool facilitates tracking changes and authors, allowing comparisons between any two file versions for a comprehensive understanding of document evolution.
Unique annotation tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis
  • AI improves document search and content creation by understanding document evolution history.
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alt=ByteUnited Office integrates AI for advanced data analysis, accessing a company's entire document history, even obsolete or deleted files. This AI-driven search engine can uncover forgotten documents and assist in creating new ones using the company's knowledge base, potentially revolutionizing medical record analysis and aiding doctors.

alt=ByteUnited Office enhances private communication and collaboration with a secure messaging service, including chat and video conferencing, exclusively for team members. This spam-free, secure alternative to traditional email and collaboration tools is fully integrated into ByteUnited Office, eliminating the need for third-party applications.
Private communication and collaboration
  • Secure chat, collaborative editing and video conference and between team members
  • Each collaborator’s work could be recorded in history log
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