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Paperless document storage

alt=Challenges of paper document storage include the risk of document loss during digital storage optimization by providers, limited history of file changes in digital systems, and security concerns for storing essential documents on laptops.

Why in some companies and agencies still deal with paper documents?

Providers of document storage, such as Google, occasionally optimize their storage. Unfortunately, some documents or parts of documents could be deleted in the process, without notifying the document owners.

Documents tend to have many versions during the life cycle, or be split into a few different files. In order to check the changes made to the files and who made the changes, it is necessary to return to the previous version.

Digital document management systems generally only maintain a limited history of file changes. After a while, old versions disappear and only the final document remains

Many companies do not allow the storage of essential documents on laptops, since they are not protected against theft.

Why choosing ByteUnited Office

alt=ByteUnited Office integrates the benefits of paper archives, email, and cloud services for secure, collaborative document management. It ensures every document version is saved, enhances collaboration with precise access control, protects data against theft or loss, and offers comprehensive document history review tools.

Documents can be stored and collaborated on in several ways.

The traditional paper-based archive is secured and protected against loss.

  • However, to organize documents, storage, and access, a team of experts is needed.
  • Collaborating and sharing documents is not convenient and ancient.

The email system offers a simple way to organize documents and exchange messages.

  • However, it is not secure and you may lose your data if your provider's policies or server hardware fail.
  • Working with a large number of team members or large files limits its convenience.

Cloud-based file sharing services such as Box or DropBox, are secure on the server side and easy to use for collaboration.

  • However, your computer's data is not protected against theft or loss.
  • The history of your collaboration disappears after a while, and only the final document is retained.
  • This is why it was unable to substitute paper-based archives and e-mail.

ByteUnited Office combines the advantages of all three approaches.

  • A secure storage solution that never loses any version of a document.
  • Streamline collaboration with precise access permissions and change tracking.
  • Ensure that user data is protected against theft or loss of the computer.
  • Providing tools for easy investigation of document history.

About ByteUnited Office

alt=ByteUnited Office is an advanced desktop, WEB application, and cloud service designed for efficient document management and collaboration. It offers secure storage on the cloud or company servers, allowing access to any document version over time. The platform supports secure communication for project teams, including text and voice messages, and integrates tools for document version comparison and detailed annotations on changes. Both desktop and web-based access are provided, ensuring flexibility and comprehensive tracking of document evolution history.

ByteUnited Office is a multifunctional desktop and WEB application and cloud service that makes collaboration between users and management of your documents a breeze. It allows you to organize, develop and archive sets of documents.

Document users are assigned to document projects with access permissions. The documents are stored on secure cloud or companies servers with ability to retrieve any snapshot of a single, or multiple documents in time.

Secure user communication channels allow project team members exchange text and voice messages, invoke external communication applications, coordinate work scheduling and progress notifications.

ByteUnited Office offers both desktop and web-based versions for flexible user access and operation.

We provide powerful tools to compare versions of current and archived snapshots of your workspace supporting many formats of compared documents.

Document annotation tool. offers detailed information about each change including author, date, and user comments. The complete document evolution history is preserved securely and cannot be alternated.


alt=ByteUnited Office, inspired by professional Version Control Systems (VCS) used in software development, offers a simplified, user-friendly interface to VCS functionalities. It enhances collaboration on documents and projects, integrating multiple tools into a single solution with advanced security features like multi-level encryption and secure team messaging. Additionally, it provides web access to documents and version history, making it a comprehensive platform for managing and collaborating on projects with ease.

ByteUnited Office ideas have originated from Professional Version Control Systems (VCS) used in software development industry.

Version Control System (VCS) function to organize software projects through long periods of development and support time. All versions of source code are preserved. VCS organize collaboration between hundreds and thousands of people in a precise matter. The number of files can be up to the millions, and files can be logically connected. As changes in one file could affect many others, those others also have to be modified. Syncing files with other team members is allowed after testing, and automatic sync prohibited, as it could destroy work of other developers. Sync is performed through "submitting" or "pushing" the set of modified files. This set of files creates project snapshot, which can be a restored to any prior point.

Professional VCSs have the disadvantage of having a complicated user interface and ideology.

Our workspace environments are changing. According to WikepediA:

"In software development, legal and business practice, and other environments, it has become increasingly common for a single document or snippet of code to be edited by a team, the members of which may be geographically dispersed and may pursue different and even contrary interests. Sophisticated revision control that tracks and accounts for ownership of changes to documents and code may be extremely helpful or even indispensable in such situations."

ByteUnited Office combines the advantages of VCS with simplicity without sacrificing functionality offering:

  • simple user interface to VCS functionality
  • user and project management functionality on the top of VCS
  • integration of multiple tools in a single solution
  • multiple levels of data and document encryption
  • secure message exchange between team members
  • access to documents and version history through a web browser