Electronic Medical Record Data

EMR solution

alt=ByteUnited's EMR solution enhances healthcare with user-friendly interfaces, efficient data exchange, and AI-enhanced decision-making, ensuring secure data storage and supporting remote consultations.

ByteUnited technology could be the base of nationwide EMR solution:

  • Makes EMR system easy to use for all participants (doctors, billing and auditing departments, etc.);
  • Simplifies process of EMR data exchange between doctors, hospitals and cloud;
  • Adapts process of getting of the EMR data to doctor, while doctor spends as much time as possible with patient but not with technology;
  • Makes possible all documents that are needed for the billing and auditing departments to be generated automatically based on doctor's records and lab results;
  • Organize remote doctor offices using ByteUnited video conferencing tools;
  • Stores all medical records securely and reliably;
  • Utilize anonymised patient data to create an artificial intelligence knowledge base;
  • Use a doctor assistant with artificial intelligence based on patient data and knowledge base;

How it works

ByteUnited advances are addressed to the weakest element of the EMR system - entering to and getting from the cloud patient’s data:

Doctor checks out patient’s data to local computer or hospital proxy server. It provides access to patient’s medical information, such as: previous diagnoses, prescribed medications, laboratory results, conclusions of other doctors, etc.
Doctor edits “living document” - set of dedicated files with diagnoses, prescribed medications, etc. It is more suitable to capture changes that occur over the course of a disease, a period of hospitalization, or over a lifespan of an individual. In most cases only a small number of incremental changes needs to be recorded. A document like that will have all typical tracking metadata (e.g. who entered information, where, and when).
Doctor submits edited files to the system and all other participants get notification about update. Submit contains information about time, author and changed files as well as accompanied comment which looks like email’s subject in the event log.
Lab also submits result of test to the system with comment and doctor get notification.
To understand the history of treatment doctor should study event log: it shows which treatment was used, by whom and when. With ByteUnited Office, doctors can analyze data with the help of artificial intelligence.
Billing and other corresponding documents generated by system automatically and stored in document history.
ByteUnited technology provides secure granted access to patient’s data and all access activity monitored by the system.

Patient’s data is stored in one container called repository. Due to such data organization repositories could be spread between cluster of servers in the cloud. It dramatically reduces server workload and allows to serve millions of patients. Hospitals in this data model don’t need big server farm, because they store data for currently admitted patients. As soon as patient is discharged data is returned to the cloud.

Records with excluded personal information are stored in the medical knowledge database for AI analysis.

ByteUnited is a pioneer in implementation of distributed EMR model and provides the core technology of EMR. Whole implementation and deployment needs collaboration with other players and big political and finance invasion

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